49 – things as they really are

SM 049

I love when people get up and tell you that they don’t use a website or program because the evil that might be in it. A guy really said he didn’t have youtube on his computer because youtube has porn on it. Last time I checked youtube banned porn from it’s site. That was like almost ten years ago. probably less though. I love mormons that fear technology.


About michaelmmclean

I love comics. I love reading and drawing them. Life should be based on comics. I have been writing comics since I was in the 5th grade. I've changed my style a lot and decide to follow other story ideas. My life is almost completely based in the comic world.
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One Response to 49 – things as they really are

  1. Hira says:

    Well , I didn’t know that either .. 😦 . Just got to know few months back when I showed a video to friend and said careful , it might be porn and was enlighten to know it can’t be on youtube 😉

    I love comics!

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