030 – Easter Suit

SM 030 easter

Is it just me or does having General Conference on Easter Sunday seem life a total rip off. In every other church this holiday is as big as Christmas. Why do we treat it like it’s no big deal?  I know we have this conference to correspond with the formation of the church, but really? If it’s on Easter we should have it the week after.  It’s really not that hard. Plus no fast Sunday on Easter.  We need a Easter program with more than one special number. We do it for Christmas, why not Easter? Why not for the day remember Christ atonement?




About michaelmmclean

I love comics. I love reading and drawing them. Life should be based on comics. I have been writing comics since I was in the 5th grade. I've changed my style a lot and decide to follow other story ideas. My life is almost completely based in the comic world.
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2 Responses to 030 – Easter Suit

  1. JoAnn McLean says:

    I reAlly wanted to get a new dress for Easter! Oh well, I’ll just get a new one this week. Did you really get a new suit for Easter this year?

    • No, this comic is fictional. I do take from real life, but not everything. It’s also not just from my life but people I talk too. Chuck is based on a lot of different people, not really me.

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